Oshawa Door Installation

Oshawa Door Installation

Performing an Exterior Door Installation at your home in Oshawa can be a valuable investment. We offer Reliable Door Installation and Replacement Services Call Us: (647) 955-5637

Oshawa Door Installation, Are any of your front or interior doors badly damaged, rotten, draughty, or failing to meet current fire safety standards? Are you simply looking for another style, or do want to increase their security features? If you are considering upgrading one or more doors then it’s high time to hire experts in professional door installation.

At Oshawa Door Installation & Carpentry, we can help you install appropriate wooden doors, handles and hinges. If a standard size door won’t work for you, then we can provide a made to measure door and frame in a material of your choice that will fit perfectly and complement the design and décor of your room, whether it is a living room, bedroom, or kitchen door. For exterior, front entrance doors, we can ensure it has the latest security features and is made to withstand all weathers and last for years to come.

Wooden doors can be crafted from a range of materials and finished in a paint, stain or varnish of your choosing. We can also incorporate windows to filter light into the property. Thanks to our team of highly skilled specialists, we can design and install any style of interior or front door you’ve always desired! Don’t forget to take a look at our portfolio to see examples of our work repairing, refurbishing and installing doors in and around the GTA Oshawa area.

At Oshawa Door Installation & Company we have been serving homes and businesses across Oshawa and surrounding GTA areas for more than 22 years. Our reputation has been built on providing a service that achieves superior end results and genuine customer satisfaction. Check out our reviews to read what others have said about our work.

If you are looking for a new front or internal door in Oshawa or the surrounding areas, Call today or call (647) 955-5637 now for a free, no-obligation service quote.

Like the windows, we offer a free no obligation quote for any work required. All of our doors are fully reinforced – including the panels and have multipoint locking strips. We offer a wide range of door panels and door furniture. We also fit Composite, French, patio and garage doors. Also like our windows our quote includes any materials required and the removal of old frames and debris from site. Please look at our Facebook page for pictures of previous jobs.

The Expert Door Fitters Oshawa

Door fitting is a specialist job, and we are the experts you need. Our door fitting service means your new doors will look beautiful and fit perfectly, for years to come. As skilled carpenters, we can ensure the doors you live with every day will give you pleasure, not pain. And if you are putting in security or fire doors, professional installation is, of course, even more crucial. Browse our gallery for examples and inspiration…

Our Installation Process

When you want high quality windows, doors, and Frame, professionally installed, Door Repair Near Me Oshawa are the company to call. Our installation teams are all experienced and fully qualified industry experts who’ll ensure that your installation is as hassle-free as possible. Read on for more in-depth information about what to expect from the installation process.

Professional Door Installation in Oshawa

Professional Door Installation in Oshawa

When you invest in a new door, you want to be confident you’ve made the right choice and that you’re investing in something that is secure and stylish.

To begin with, our professional sales consultants will listen to your requirements and from this offer expert advice and recommendations from our wide range of replacement doors in a variety of materials. When this order is placed, each door design will be drawn on the order form with the specifications.

Next, our technical surveyor will be passed a copy of your order form and then get in touch to arrange a convenient time to visit and take accurate measurements for its manufacture. During this visit, feel free to put forward any technical questions you have on design, regulations or installation. The results of this survey will then be sent on electronically to our state of the art manufacturing facility, where your doors will be made to the exact measurements to ensure they fit perfectly. There’s no one size fits all here, our doors are made bespoke to you.

We’ll then arrange a suitable day with you for the installation. On the day our expert, experienced and friendly installers will arrive in one of our vans and introduce themselves before beginning the installation of your new doors.

Once installed, they will explain and ensure you are completely comfortable with the operation of the new doors and door accessories such as locks and handles. Once we’re confident you’re happy with the installation, we’ll leave you with a feedback form for your valuable thoughts and comments.

With so many materials to choose from, we’ll ensure you know everything you need to know about our ranges and help you figure out which is the right door for you. We know that style, security and energy efficiency are all important qualities and all of our doors offer this.

Professional Window Installation Oshawa

When deciding to replace your windows, it’s important to know what to expect from the windows installation process. DOOR FITTERS OSHAWA

At Door installation Near Me Oshawa, we will advise you on every aspect of your window installation to ensure you are happy and confident with your choice. First of all, our team of professional sales consultants will listen to your requirements and offer their expert advice on which window would suit your needs from our vast and varied range of replacement windows. We offer a wide choice of different materials that all have their own brilliant benefits. Once an order is placed, each window design is clearly drawn on the order form along with the specification.

From here on, our technical surveyor will be passed a copy of your order and will then contact you to arrange a convenient appointment. During this visit the surveyor will confirm the detail of the order and take accurate measurements to be used for the manufacture. This visit is the perfect chance to put forward any technical queries you have in regards to window design, regulations or installation.

Why use a Oshawa professional door fitter?

Installing a door is a job for a skilled carpenter, not a handyman. Although new doors come with perfectly straight edges, door frames can get distorted over time, with warped and bowed edges. Hanging a new interior or exterior door in a badly shaped frame, and making it look right and work properly, requires a high degree of skill, judgement and experience. You’ll find more details on our door fitting page.

Our door fitting service includes: Bonded and Insured Technicians

  • Internal Door fitting
  • External Door fitting, including Front Door fitting
  • High Security Door fitting
  • Flat Entrance Doors
  • Pocket Doors
  • Security Fire Door fitting
  • Fire Door/Door Set testing
  • Glazing
  • Room Dividers
  • Pocket Sliding Doors
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Doors Supply and Fit

Oshawa Commercial Door Installation

Our experienced AAADM certified employees are available for the installation of automatic doors and commercial doors throughout the GTA Oshawa area. We provide you with a complete automatic door solution and can supply and install all of the following:

Automatic door installation Automatic Door Replacement

  • Revolving door installation
  • Automatic sliding door installation
  • Folding doors installation
  • Swing door installation
  • Sliding Glass Door installation

Commercial door and window installation

  • Drive-thru window installs
  • Healthcare door installation
  • Industrial door installation
  • Handicap door opener installation
  • Transit solutions
  • Other specialty pedestrian doors (e.g., impact, blast, etc.)

Door installation Company Oshawa offers customers with one of the most comprehensive door fitting services available. Customers would not only enjoy the best door fitting service available for their money, but they would also enjoy a conditional 22-year guarantee on every door we fit for them. Door Replacement

We pride ourselves as the best door fitter in the GTA Oshawa because we offer the best. Contact us to enjoy several benefits which include: full payment after job completion, removal, and disposal of old doors, free no-obligation quotation and consultation, complete fitting of the new door just within 1-2 weeks from the survey, 5 years guarantee on every door fitting, low-cost door fitting service, etc.

At Door installation Near Me, our door fitting services include everything needed to have your internal and external new door fitted without any issue. We carry out a survey prior to your door fitting to have an accurate measurement of your doorpost and to ensure a perfect fitting door. We also take care of trash from your old door and the wrap of the new door, so you need not worry about waste disposal. If you need the service of a professional yet affordable door fitter Oshawa, do not hesitate to contact us or email us.

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