Bolton Sliding Door Repair

Bolton Sliding Door Repair

Supply and fit new sliding door rollers, repair existing sliding doors or install new ones in Bolton, 647-955-5637

Bolton Sliding Door Repair, Get in touch with Bolton Door Repair today!! With 22 years experience behind us we really do know what we’re doing with regard to repairing all types of sliding doors in Bolton. Be they old or new. So if your sliding door is getting difficult to open & close, is making weird noises, or has difficulty locking, or just generally frustrating you it sounds like it’s ready for a service or repair.

The life expectancy of the rollers and tracks is around 10-15 years. So we are seeing many of the same problems occurring with rollers, track damage, and with proper servicing and repairs we can return your door to like new condition!

Bolton Sliding Door Repair services and repairs all sliding doors for home and business. We can fix wheels and rollers, locks and sliding door handles, tracks and seals. Call us today 647-955-5637

Certified Specialist Technicians

Repairing sliding doors can be seen by some as a simple task. This isn’t the case and often becomes a more difficult process than it first seems, and the end result is that the door doesn’t slide as well as it should.

Bolton Sliding Door Repair are often called in to correct repairs undertaken by inexperienced tradespeople, lacking the expertise and skill to make satisfactory repairs. As specialists in Door repairs Bolton, Sliding Door Repair have accumulated the knowledge, tools and skills needed to repair sliding doors to better than new.

Correct Wheels / Rollers for your door

There is a wide range of sliding doors in use. Bolton Sliding Door Repair has the correct wheels and rollers for your door. Also there are new wheel designs in nylon, stainless steel, acetyl wheels available, and these improved designs have four and even eight rollers on each door.

The weight of a sliding door affects the function and ongoing reliability of a door wheels. We will advise and fit the best option wheels to suit the weight of your door.

Our technicians will ensure that wheels and rollers are correctly adjusted so the door is balanced and the door fits squarely in the frame; so it locks / unlocks easily and runs smoothly.

Retro Fitted Double Glazing

The weight of a sliding door affects the function and ongoing reliability of door wheels. We will advise and fit the best option wheels to suit the weight of your door.

Adding double glazing to existing doors adds significant weight to the door. The wheels/rollers will likely not be up to the task.Bolton Door Repair can retro fit wheels /rollers to be more suitable for your now heavier sliding door.

Best Wheels / Rollers for your Sliding Door

With so many different types of carriages and rollers used on sliding doors in Bolton, and new improved wheels entering the marketplace, many sliding doors have over time been fitted with a real mishmash of wrong products causing the problems to be amplified which cause even more damage over time. We only fit high quality wheels and rollers.

Our technicians at Sliding Door Repair Bolton will ensure that the correct wheels and rollers are fitted to your door, that they are correctly adjusted so the door is balanced and the door fits squarely in the frame; so your locks/unlocks easily and runs smoothly.

Repairing Damaged Tracks

As time goes by the track your sliding door runs on can become damaged and not as smooth as it was when new; causing the wheels/rollers to wear or fail, resulting in noisy and rough sliding doors.

Bolton Door Repair can repair the track by installing an aluminum or stainless steel cover track, designed to fit perfectly over the worn and damaged track.

The advantage of the track cover is it allows sliding doors to be repaired where otherwise replacement is required. Once a cover track is fitted your door will run/roll smoothly and quietly, just like new. The track cover provides the newly installed wheels/rollers a perfectly smooth surface to run on, prolonging further the life of your sliding door.

Wheels & Rollers Replaced: Sliding Door Repair

Bolton Door Repair carries a huge range of door rollers and wheels to suit all sliding door types and makes.

Locks & Door Handles Repaired / Replaced:

Bolton Door Repair can repair or replace old door handles and locks, and carry many spare parts for older handles and locks.

Sliding Door Tracks Repaired / Replaced:

Often broken or worn rollers cause damage to tracks and Bolton Sliding Door Repair knows how to fix these problems.

Door & Glass Rubber Seals Replaced:

Bolton Sliding Door Repair can make the door smoother, quieter and weather proof.

Mobile Service Vans:

Bolton Door Repair comes to you, with all the tools and parts, to do the repairs quickly and professionally.

Track Repairs

Sliding glass door tracks often develop dips, waves and areas of damage along their length. Like a train the track is what your sliding glass door rolls on and a damaged sliding door track will make your sliding door very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to open.

If your sliding door is damaged to a point where simply changing the rollers is nothing short of a waste of time, unless the track is replaceable until now the only solution was to replace the door frame.

Replacing the Track

Some sliding doors have removable tracks. Bolton Sliding Door Repair can remove and replace the existing damaged track. We carry replacement tracks in our vans so these can be replaced on site.

Why Choose Bolton Sliding Door Repair?

  • We repair Sliding doors, Ranch Slider doors, Bi Fold doors and Cavity Slider doors.

  • We can repair your sliding door to run like new. Rollers and carriages replaced. Tracks repaired or replaced. Locks and handles repaired or replaced.

  • Wooden and Aluminum doors, internal and entrance doors.

  • We repair door frames, new doors fitted, locks and deadlocks installed.

  • We can plane sticking doors and frames, when rubbing on floors or carpet.

  • Bolton Door Repair will come to your home in their fully stocked vans and can usually solve all of your window and door problems you may encounter in your home in just one visit, as they have all the parts and tools with them in their vans for prompt and efficient repairs.

Call Bolton Sliding Door Repair today for a free estimate! 647-955-5637