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Since 2000, Burlington Door Closer Repair has been assisting local Burlington homes and businesses with their door closer repair needs. As the largest service center for door closer repair services in Burlington and surrounding GTA, we’re equipped to provide solutions for all of your property’s unique needs. We’ve built a legacy of success by providing quality products and professional support to many homes and businesses in the Burlington area.

We supply, repair and install all brands of door closers such as Dorma, Nika, Atena, Geze, Yale, etc. We also install all types of door closers such as automatic door closer, soft door closer, hydraulic door closer, auto door closer, concealed door closer for wooden, glass, sliding and most types of doors. Door closer repairs are often urgent and need to be completed as soon as possible. At Burlington Door Closer Repair, we understand your situation. Unlike many other companies within the market, we will get to you within 24 hours to repair your door, especially if it is the main one to your house or business. We want you to have peace of mind within your own property, without having to worry about who can get through your door.

Are you looking for a durable and economical door closer installation for your commercial or residential place? Do you want to avoid the hassles involved in installing the various kinds of door closers? Door closers are highly necessary for preventing or controlling the doors from being slammed or from injuring someone who tries to close it or open it.

These mechanical devices are ideal for all kinds of doors in Burlington, especially for commercial buildings. Ranging from homes, shopfronts to large commercial buildings and stores, door closers are effective for such outlets. The varied range of door closers in Burlington enables all local properties to have sturdy doors that not only give away a fascinating look but protects the entire structure from sudden shocks or impact.

The different kinds of door closers such as concealed door closers, spring door closers, automatic door closers and many more in Burlington have seen a sharp demand in the door closer repair sector for their versatile features.


  • Atena Door Closers

  • Agrippa Door Closers

  • Briton Door Closers

    Door Closer repair

  • Dorgard Door Closers

  • Dorma Door Closers

  • Eclipse Door Closers

  • Geofire Door Closers

  • Smith & Locke Door Closers

  • Unbranded Door Closers

  • Union Door Closers

  • Yale Door Closers


  • Overhead Door Closers

  • Concealed Door Closers

  • Spring Door Closers

  • Fire Door Retainers

  • Surface Mounted Closers

  • Wireless Door Closers


There have often been instances when the door closers had not functioned properly or required support for installing. In such instances, Burlington Door Closer Repair ensures reliable and effective repairing solutions in no time. A door closer generally needs to be adjusted, repaired or replaced to avoid any further problem. With regular usage and wear and tear of the door closers, they can slow down or start leaking oil which would need immediate assistance.

Door closers are also often subjected to the external environment and its harshness which might affect them. Due to bad weather, the door closers can acquire rust and eventually stop working. With rust, these automatic door closers can get noisy and squeaky as well. The door closer repair services are needed at this hour to provide quick and trustworthy solutions that will be long term as well.

The experts at Burlington Door Closer Repair ensure that the internal patented mechanisms are thoroughly checked and assured of with the help of modern techniques. The comprehensive range of door closers requires professional and expert installation support. The high-end technology involved in making these door closers tenacious and prompt complements the supreme quality materials used to procure them.

The adjustable closing force with the concealed door closers is highly useful while the spring door closer comes with strong springs to prevent the doors from slamming. The replacing of door closers is also done by the professional technicians who inspect the door closers beforehand and make sure that they are taken care of.

Commercial Door Repair

Our work is carried out with complete guarantee, insurance and certification.

Commercial premises require fancy and robust door closers to keep the interior designs fresh and clean while also protecting the doors from being damaged while opening or closing. The doors are closed perfectly by these smart spring door closers without any hassle. With top- notch door closer repair and replacement, Burlington Door Closer Repair clients can expect high-quality and effective results without any hassle.

We offer 24 hour emergency door closer repairs in Burlington and surrounding GTA and can repair locks and lockouts on doors to keep you secure anytime, day or night.

All our vans are fully stocked so we can carry out immediate 24/7 door repairs anywhere in Burlington 24hrs a day.

Safe and Reliable

As experts in the needs of local Burlington properties, we’re here to help you with energy savings solutions, regular repairs, ongoing maintenance plans and more on your door closer.

We also want to help your homes and workplace run safely and efficiently, that’s why we only supply the industry’s top door closer safety solutions and safety products..

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Family, discipline, communication, safety, integrity, and innovation are our core values. They are central to everything we do. Our values have been an important part of our success as a family-owned business, and we believe these values have not only led to our success but are also why we’ve been able to help so many clients, with door closer repairs, over the years.

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