Concord Door Repair

Concord Door Repair

Door Repairs and Installation in Concord Providing Emergency Boarding Up Services in Concord and the GTA area Door Repair Near Me Call Us: (647) 955-5637

Concord Door Repair, Don’t put up with malfunctioning doors and sticky locks at home but get help right away! Door Repair Concord Handyman has the specialists to provide you with a solution to a range of door repair tasks. We also specialist in door installations and door replacement services in Concord. So, if you feel that your old stiff door is no longer doing its job, we will fit a new one for you in no time.

What can a Concord door repair near me specialist do?

From fixing and re-hanging doors that are not properly aligned, replacing broken hinges and filling up cracks on the door surface to completing lock replacement and lock installation jobs, we are multi-skilled handyman have the right expertise to handle them all.

You’re in Safe Hands

The technicians are trained and experienced to fix different types of doors and locks, as well as replace them if they are beyond repair. And even if you are unsure about what exactly the issue is with your door, you can get in touch with us and we will send a door specialist to see the problem.

You can also book a door installation service with us, whether you need it fitted from scratch or you want to replace an old door that you believe is no longer secure.

In addition, you may be able to combine your door repair service with our Garage door options and have both tasks completed at the same time. Note that we are able to provide you with many other home repair and installation solutions at hourly rates, so you can have a list of chores completed on the same day, subject to availability. For instance, you can take advantage of hiring a handyman to change your door lock, install your garage door opener and your new front door. How does this sound?

How does Door Repair Near Me Solve Your Problems?

24/7 emergency call centre – you call, we answer!

Servicing all door brands and manufacturers

Mobile technicians with equipped service vehicles

Guaranteed technician arrival in 1-2 hours

Same day installation available

No project too small – call us for 1 jammed door

Door installation, repair, and replacement services

Need commercial door service?

Secure Your Property

If your windows or other glass has broken, then the interior of your home or business is at risk. Door Repair Near Me Concord is a Local Company and provide fast glass door break in acts quickly to board up the broken glass and secure your property so that you don’t have to worry while you wait for a new glass installation. We work 24/7 to provide our board up services whenever you need them. 

An Experienced Team

At Concord Door Repair Near Me, we know that each and every building is unique so that’s why our team uses their experience to decide what the best method would be to take care of your situation. We have this service available at any time of day or night so that you can have peace of mind. Once you call us, our crew will leave immediately. 

With Your Insurance

Concord Door Repair works with your insurance to give you board up services. Our team can do more than just board up the area, though, we can also replace anywhere that has been damaged. We’ll replace any broken doors or windows for you once we’ve boarded up the area. This way, you’ll only need to work with one company. 

Commercial Door Repair

What to expect from your Concord door repair & installation service?

On the day of your appointment, a seasoned handyman with a set of carpentry skills will arrive promptly at your address. He will wear his “knowledge hat” and bring the right equipment, power tools and hardware supplies to complete the job with excellent results. Depending on what door service you have booked, the technician will proceed by identifying the type of door/lock you need repaired or replaced.

Concord Door fitting service

Door frame repair The door installation technician will remove the old door and measure precisely its replacement. He will install the hinges and the new door to fit perfectly to the door frame. The handyman will install and adjust any additional components (knobs, handles) to ensure that the door functions correctly. Additionally, he can fit a spy-hole or a mailbox on your door, upon request.


Concord Door repair service

The door repair expert Concord can fix a variety of problems with your door, such as change faulty parts, eliminate squeakiness and stiffness, repair a sagging or springing door, re adjust a misaligned door, replace the door glass or refurbish a damaged door. The specialist will bring all the supplies and components to complete the service and will include them in the final bill.

Concord Door lock replacement service

door lock installation Sticky and misaligned locks are the most common issues that you may encounter with your ill-functioning door. Another problem can be a broken key in the lock or an object got stuck inside it. Worry not, because Concord Locksmith Near Me have the right tools to fix or replace your broken lock in no time at all.




Specialists in the quality manufacture, supplies, installations and repairs

Concord Door Repair Near Me has been in business for the past 22 years, carrying out professional manufacture, repairs and installations of Doors and Garage Door in Concord, Ontario.

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Door Break-in Repair


Need door repair services or maintenance… in Concord? We can help you, our experience workmanship provide the care and skills to solve your problems. We are focused on door issues and all maintenance required in keeping your doors working smoothly. We do quality work not cheap and nasty work, and deal with your requests directly to maintain high quality customer care, this allows us to help getting your issues solved properly. Please call today and let us assist you in your requirements.


We are trusted and reliable with our door repair services. We are able to replace almost any kind of door if repairing it is not an option. No matter what kind of door locks you are looking at installing it is always good to speak to a professional first. We can give you the right advice and provide a hassle free quote fast! Call us today and get reliable door installation advice. Ask us about our locksmith services! 

We’ll get your commercial doors working sooner than you’d expect Sliding Door Repair

Whatever the issue is, our team of experienced tradespeople will be able to get your commercial doors back in working order in the shortest possible time, while minimizing any disruption to your business.

Adopting a rapid response service model, we treat every request we receive with the sense of urgency it deserves. We’ll promptly dispatch one of our commercial door experts to your workplace, and with our fleet of fully-stocked maintenance vehicles, we may even be able to resolve the issue on-the-spot.

When safety matters, call on the experts

Having worked with businesses from almost every industry, our team of qualified, safety-aware tradespeople can repair, replace, install and maintain most types and brands of commercial doors, from fire, fire exit and smoke doors, through to commercial-grade hinged, sliding and pivot doors.

We can supply and install a variety of safety doors, provide expert service about the removal of asbestos fire doors and ensure your doors are equipped to provide valuable passive fire safety protection.

With more than 22 years of industry experience, quality workmanship and customer service which is second to none, you can rest assured we’ll get the job completed right, the first time.

Invest in Swift & Quality Door Repairs, Maintenance & Service

Needless, costly door replacements can be avoided by having your doors repaired and maintained by experienced and qualified tradesmen like our team at Concord Door Repair Near Me. With over 22 years of industry experience, we can identify and assess the level of damage your door has and provide appropriate repair solutions. We specialize in fixing various commercial doors, such as fire doors, smoke doors and exit doors.

Common Door Damages Requiring Professional Repair

While commercial doors are built to be more durable, industrial, and secure, they are still prone to wear and tear due to frequent usage. These doors experience common issues that require professional repairs such as:

Garage Door Cable Repair

  • worn-out rollers
  • broken springs and hinges
  • damaged cables and tracks
  • malfunctioning safety features
  • lock issues

These problems can be complicated for the ordinary handyman and require specialized knowledge and tools to be fixed.

Whether the situation calls for changing faulty parts, refurbishing a damaged door, or aluminium door repairs in Concord, you can count on us for quality and professional service. Our maintenance and service plans provide audits for fire doors, smoke doors, and emergency exit doors, with quarterly, half-yearly and annual audits as required. Our technicians are also highly skilled and qualified to ensure your doors comply with the latest Canadian Standards.

Emergency & General Door Repairs

Damaged or faulty commercial and industrial doors require quick fixing to ensure your operations remain secure and seamless. You can rely on Concord Door Repair Near Me to be on-site promptly to secure your facility with our emergency door repairs. With our wealth of experience, we can guarantee that our technicians work efficiently to provide reliable solutions in as little time as possible.

Contact Us for Door Repairs in Concord

As soon as you see signs of your door malfunctioning, get in touch with us right away. Whether you require fire door repairs or front door repairs in Concord, we guarantee that your doors will be in perfect working condition as soon as possible.

With our warehouse located in Vaughan, commercial and industrial properties across Concord can rely on us for quick repairs and replacements. Contact us or call (647) 955-5637 today.