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Door Closer Repair Leaside is your number one choice for all door closer repairs in Leaside, we work with all types of door closers and floor springs. Door Closer Repair Leaside is a local, family owned company that has grown into one of the top professional, experienced door closer repair expert companies in the GTA and surrounding areas. All of our technicians are highly trained and certified in the field of door closer repair and have a combined experience of over 70 years!

Having a door closer in good working order will ensure that a person can open the door up with ease and that it can close for the next person behind them. With the correct installation and maintenance of one of these door closer installations, there’s the perfect amount of resistance and a smooth opening. With the help of a door closer installation, we can make sure that any property can get a door closer that can prevent the door from malfunctioning and that will keep the door closing to its original position in the frame.

Our team can provide the best emergency repair solutions and complete door replacement for any type of door closure issue. We will ensure that you are getting the right type of door closer installation and that all adjustments and calibrations can be made for the perfect motion within your door area.

Repair, Service and Installation of All Commercial Door Closer

Most of the door closer installations that we provide are also directly covered by warranty. By working with our contractors you can make sure that you are getting the best quality of installation as well as ideal assistance with any type of troubleshooting issue. If you’d like to learn more about installing door closers throughout your property, or getting maintenance and repairs done on your current door closers, contact the staff at Door Closer Repair Leaside today! 647-955-5637

The purpose of the door closer is to automatically close the door after opening at a slow speed without slamming. First impressions are essential to building your business. Keeping your entryway operating is critical to positive customer interaction. Door Closer Repair Leaside will make sure you strike the right chord with every client. Our door closer repair services keep your patrons safe and your products secure. We provide quality door closer maintenance services for your storefront doors and also home entryway doors. Trust the Door Closer Repair Leaside team with your door closer maintenance and repairs.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers make opening heavy doors easier. When pulled open, a door closer adds resistance, so the weight of the door is handled correctly. After the user overcomes the initial resistance, the door opens smoothly. After a person passes through the portal, the door closes gently. The closer pushes the door to a closed position.

Common Door Closer Issues

If you or your customers struggle with the front door of your business or home, a component may be improperly installed. An ill-fitting door closer makes the entrance into your property difficult. Correctly installed door closers allow your doors to be easily opened and shut.

Incompatible door closers: Businesses and residential properties that have doors that are heavy can often have mismatched door closers. Most building doors are heavy, so the springs must be strong or else door closer damage is inevitable. A mismatched door will eventually harm the closer, door and walls of the property.

Faulty installation or maintenance: If your door closer was not expertly installed with the correct tools, damage is sure to occur. Common problems from poor installation can include door frame damage, abnormal door movements and even misalignments leading to the need for constant maintenance.

Leaking oil: Broken seals or exposed gaps within your door frame mean your hardware is vulnerable. Common errors include missing screws, broken O-rings and failed seals. Doors can open or close too quickly if the oil levels are badly balanced, which can lead to a potential safety hazard.

Lock problems: Professional Door Closer Repair

Only a trained professional can properly service your door closers. The experts at Door Closer Repair Leaside are instructed how best to adjust and maintain commercial and residential property door closers. By hiring professional door specialists, you’re hiring a team that can maximize the lifespan of your entryway. Our specialized technicians have years of experience working with commercial businesses and residential properties in Leaside and the surrounding GTA. We have trained our expert team to install, maintain and repair door closers on all types of doors. We value every client; you can count on top-tier customer service no matter the hour you call on our team. Schedule a consultation with the Door Closer Repair Leaside team today! 647-955-5637

The sleek, stylish options available in today’s door closers, paired with the hands-free convenience they provide, make automatic door closers the growing choice for commercial and industrial buildings.

Whether you have a small, local Leaside business or are managing office space for a Fortune 500 company, automatic door closers are an excellent option for both your entryway and doorways within the building or property.

Door Closer Repair Leaside can meet all your commercial and industrial automatic door closer needs, from the first step of the installation to ongoing maintenance and repairs. We install, maintain, and repair all types of door closers. And we offer accessibility and touch-free door closer systems.

Residents, customers or employees can’t enter a building or move to and from certain areas, pedestrian traffic in other areas of the building is getting congested, or a safety or security malfunction is putting people at risk. You have to act quickly.

You will need a skilled crew that can act quickly and effectively too! Repair companies that don’t return your call, can’t send someone right away, or that don’t have the skills or tools to fix the problem when they arrive to make the problem worse instead of better. You need reliable service, and that’s why you need to call Door Closer Repair Leaside.

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Our installation method follows a three-step process that ensures safe and correct door closer installation. And our trained, qualified technicians are available after installation for ongoing maintenance and any needed repairs of your residential, commercial or industrial door closers.

With multiple moving parts, all door closers need regular maintenance to perform smoothly and consistently, and occasionally they will need repairs. Door Closer Repair Leaside offers a scheduled maintenance plan that meets your door’s specific needs. Our techs are experienced, trained, and certified, and they arrive with fully stocked vans. Many minor fixes can be completed on the spot. And we provide round the clock service, responding to your calls and getting the door up and running again as quickly as possible.

For the door closer repair and maintenance team that you can count on to show up dependably and get the job done right, call Door Closer Repair Leaside. 647-955-5637