Door Frame Replacement Vaughan

Door Frame Replacement Vaughan

We Provide windows and doors for commercial and residential properties in Vaughan

Door Frame Replacement Vaughan, Door Framing Replacement Services In Vaughan, Ontario, is a renowned and reputable company that has helped Vaughan and surrounding areas with its door frame replacement needs for over 22 years. Our specialized and certified technicians can help you with all your door frame replacement issues.

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Why choose Door Frame Replacement Vaughan?

Door Frame Replacement Vaughan has been a family owned and operated business with a rich history of specializing in all types of residential, commercial and industrial door repairs and installations since 1988.

We take great pride in providing the best possible service for any job required. Our company-wide commitment to safety involves being an active member of various Safety Compliance organizations in Canada as well as having regularly held mandatory meetings that cover current safety precautions.

We make your experience working with Door Frame Replacement Vaughan as easy as possible. Our door frame replacement technicians provide high quality craftsmanship thanks to the extensive training provided by the top expert specialists in the field.

Each door frame replacement technician in Vaughan and the surrounding GTA are trained, certified and experienced with all types of door frame replacements and door frame replacement products within the residential, commercial and residential sectors. This extensive and hands-on training allows us to provide the best practices in the industry to efficiently take care of your door needs.

Our extensive quality assurance checklist is done on every door we work on to ensure safety, security and proper operation of all moving parts. We take a proactive approach to help identify any deficiencies to help prevent the door frames from malfunctioning which can cause more serious repairs and costs.

When you need a Door Frame Replacement professional you can depend on Door Frame Replacement Vaughan to be connected with top Vaughan door framing experts.

Our free consultation and quote process is how we separate ourselves from ordinary door frame replacement companies. The truth is that almost any exterior company can have access to the same door frame replacement products we do, but the difference is that very few take the time to dig into the details and find the door frame that is the perfect match for your home and your goals. Is energy-efficiency a top priority for you? Are you interested in accessories and options that will make your door extra secure?

These are the kinds of questions we ask, and it helps us tailor a custom solution for you. In addition, our project consultants have a wider and deeper knowledge than is typical. We use our experience to recommend door frame replacements that match your architectural style and overall look of your home.

We also can recommend the little touches and accessories that can make a big difference in the appeal and security of your door and door frame replacements.

Compare us to any other door frame replacement company in Vaughan and surrounding areas in the GTA – the difference in professionalism at Door Frame Replacement Vaughan  is apparent! And our consultations and quotes are free, so there is zero risk to you when you call us. (647) 955-5637

Why Use Our Service? door frame replacement company in Vaughan

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– Have a piece of mind for a job well done.

Proper functioning door frames are important as safety is always an issue when a door is involved. Door Frame Replacement Vaughan’s support team provides property owners with the top, safest door frames available on the market. Our highly trained technicians install, inspect, repair and provide the proper framing replacement for all types of residential, industrial and commercial doors. Our door replacement plans are affordable, and most importantly, they leave property owners with the peace of mind that the door frames on their property are in safe working condition.

Types of Door Frames door hinges store front repair

  • Exterior Doors

  • Entry Doors

  • Interior Door

  • Glass Doors

  • Roller Doors

  • Aluminum Doors

  • Panoramic Doors

  • Exit Doors

  • And, All Other Types of Doors

The frame of the door is a crucial component in allowing the door to function properly. A frame that is damaged can be a safety hazard as the door is secured onto the frame and a damaged frame poses a risk that the door might fall off its placement.

Some common damages that occur to the door include: Residential Door Repair

  • Water damages to the door frame. Especially so for the toilet door. Another possible reason for this is because of floor washing which causes the water to seep into the bottom of the frame.

  • Door frame that has loosened over time due to wear and tear.

For a water damaged door frame we can do a replacement of the rotten part of the frame only or the entire frame depending on the extent of the damage. However, do note that a partial replacement would not be as aesthetically pleasing as a full replacement.

For door frames that have loosen off the wall, we do have specialized tools so as to affix back the door in most cases.

For a fire-rated door frame, the replacement would require the entire set of the door and frame as required by Canadian safety authorities.


Each of our fully loaded trucks are equipped with common parts to ensure our highly trained and certified technicians are ready to go. We provide one of the most experienced teams of technicians and door frame replacement specialists in Vaughan, Ontario. Door Frame Replacement Vaughan will always provide high quality door replacement services and excellent customer service.

Here are 3 reasons proper door frame replacement is so important:

  • Your door will be opened and closed literally thousands and thousands of times. It needs to continue operating flawlessly.

  • Your door frame is crucial to the security of your home and preventing break-ins.

  • Your door and frame needs to seal properly to avoid uncomfortable drafts and energy loss.

But here’s what most homeowners are never told: door frame replacement can be tricky to get exactly right. It takes skill and training to make sure the frame, the door, and the weather-stripping replacements all fit together like a hand in glove.

Our door frame replacement installation standards set Door Frame Replacement Vaughan apart. Instead of a temporary laborer or a or a random person who does this as a side job, our technicians are trained and certified door frame replacement installers.

The results: a beautiful door frame installed and replaced to the highest standards without hassle or stress.