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Door Replacement Thornhill

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Welcome to Door Replacement Thornhill, the number one source for all your door replacement services and more. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best products and services, with a focus on understanding our customers’ needs.  Give us a call today to speak with one of our door replacement specialists and a no obligation, free quote (647) 955-5637.

At Door Replacement Thornhill, we have been providing residential and commercial door replacement services since 2000. With over 22 years of experience we have built a strong reputation on being an honest and dedicated company that provides excellent workmanship.

Entry And Patio Door Installation And Replacements

We also have partnerships with all the leading door manufacturers in Thornhill, so we can always provide our clients with the best prices. Our clientele entrust us with all of their door replacement services. There are a variety of doors that serve many different functions. We can help guide you to find the best door replacement service that best suits you. We have a variety of replacement doors such as Laminate, Veneer, Wooden, Classic, Bathroom Doors, Main Gates and Many More…

Faulty door repair can not only expose your property to risk but it can also cause the door to not be sealed correctly, which can raise your heating and cooling costs. Our technicians are experienced and trained to replace any type of door professionally. They will describe the problem to you and will answer all your questions.

Even if you’re not sure what the problem with your door is, our specialists will inspect it and will find a solution. This is why Door Replacement Thornhill is one of the most reputable door replacement companies in Thornhill and the surrounding GTA.

Complete door care in 3 easy steps

1.Book door replacement service for a convenient time.

2.Let the specialists inspect the door and find the issue.

3.Our door professionals will repair efficiently and with precision.

Door Replacement services Thornhill

We provide replacement services for all types of commercial and residential doors. This includes your main door, fire rated doors as well as room doors all over Thornhill and surrounding areas.

  • We replace all doors and repair all types of problems on all types of doors

  • Secure home or business after a break-in with quick door replacement service

  • If a part is broken or missing, we can provide it upon request

  • Qualified, certified and trained professionals that are passionate about doors

The professional experts can perform replacements on a wide range of interior and exterior doors made of aluminium, wood, or PVC: Garage doors, Entrance doors, Sliding doors, Bi-folding doors, Roller doors, Pivot doors, Entrance doors, Glass doors, Bamboo-jute composite doors

Thornhill Door repairs and replacement services in more detail

When our specialist arrives at your property, they will check carefully what is malfunctioning, what may be causing it and what discuss what is your best course of action for your replacement. Our professionals come equipped with modern power tools and extra hardware parts.

Our door replacers will:

  • Take correct measures and make sure that the door will fit and close properly;

  • Trimming the door to fit the door frame if necessary;

  • Replace the door hardware properly;

  • Re-hang the door to open from the other way;

  • Replace the door handle, striker plate and faceplate;

We pride ourselves in being the best door installation service in Thornhill, Front Door Replacement, (647) 955-5637

Emergency Boarding Up

Types of doors – Wood Doors

Wood doors are the most common. Versatility and beauty are their strong suits. Natural-finish stock and custom wood doors come in oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, Thornhill, fir, and pine. You’ll also find paint-grade doors in several softwood varieties, such as pine and western hemlock.

  • Steel Doors

A steel door is your best bet if security and durability are top priorities. Steel units are stronger than wood or fiberglass doors, and they won’t crack or warp. Any dents or dings on these doors can be repaired easily

  • Fiberglass/Composite Doors

Fiberglass-composite doors are tough and maintenance-free, and are a smart choice for harsh or humid climates. They mimic the look of wood with wood-grain texturing and can be stained to match oak, cherry, walnut, and a variety of other woods. Beneath their molded surface is a framework of wooden stiles and rails, including wood edges for the lockset. Voids in the framework are filled with polyurethane-foam insulation.

  • Aluminum Doors
    Aluminum doors, like steel units, use an insulation core covered by a metal skin. Unlike other door systems, however, aluminum versions are sold exclusively through dealers. Each is custom-built to your opening.

Why choose us?

Door Replacement Thornhill, is second to none in door replacement and related services in Thornhill and surrounding areas. When you choose us, you get

  • Cost-effective service Door Installation Thornhill

  • Affordable rates

  • Professional and competent technicians

  • Excellent customer service

  • State-of the art techniques are used

  • Top quality products are used

  • Full warranty for our service

  • Licensed and insured firm

Guaranteed Quality

With a combined experience of over 33 years, the Door Replacement Thornhill team is highly experienced and backed with years of knowledge. Practice and experience matters a lot in this specialized profession.

It is essential for the technician to have expertise in door replacements. Even the slightest mistake can lead to door-related problems like opening and closing problems. Our technicians are specially trained to overcome all kinds of door problems and offer the best solutions. We offer high quality solutions at affordable prices and within time.

We pride ourselves in being the best door installation service in Thornhill and try our best to keep up our high standards with every contract that we undertake.

When do you need door replacement services?

Old doors with degraded seals, gaps, and cracks may invite pets, dust, dirt and water during rain, which may damage your house interior. If these doors are left unattended, they may degrade over time and spoil the elegant look of your space. Similarly, office and restaurant spaces having windows and doors that are not resistant to the scraping noises may disturb the people working inside.

To prevent such situations it is important to consult the door replacement company for repairing or removing or installing a good quality door that can stand the test of time. With the help of professional door suppliers in Thornhill, you can ensure the comfort and operational efficiency of your space.

Door replacement is not only exacting, but the work also requires that you have considerable knowledge, skills and experience. If you lack the time, patience or ability for DIY, let the experienced technicians at Door Replacement Thornhill handle all your door replacement services and needs in Thornhill.

Door Installation

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