Emergency Door Repair Concord

Emergency Door Repair Concord

Emergency Door Services We are available 24 hours a day/7 days a week to fix your door. Call Us: (647) 955-5637

Emergency Door Repair Concord, in an urgent need of emergency door repair, maintenance or installation in Concord? Our Door Engineers are quick and easy and they will take care of the job. Whether you’re a residential or a commercial client, our qualified door experts are here to help with all your requirements because along with their expertise, we cover a broad range of door issues we can successfully handle.

22 years Experience We have been providing Concord wide Emergency Repair Services in Sliding, Patio Door, uPVC and Al since 1995. Guaranteed Work Locks, Hinges or Handles replaced or repaired, will be guaranteed for two years. Job done right 1st time Our mobile door repair service Concord will come to you and make your door work again.

Our door engineers can handle pretty much all door types, makes and sizes. We offer Domestic & Commercial door repair solutions in Concord.

If you think your door is beyond repair we also offer complete door replacements and installs.

Some of the Emergency Door Repair services we do: uPVC Doors, Patio Doors, Composite Doors, Aluminum Doors, Wood Doors, French Doors, Sliding Doors, Porch Doors, Automatic Doors there is nothing we cannot do. That’s why we recommended talking to us for your door repair needs!

Emergency Door Services

Common Domestic Door Repair Problems

Because there are various door types in all homes from uPVC to Composite to Wooden there comes their own set of problems.

Over time weather and wear and tear takes its toll no matter what the door type is. So door maintenance is needed.

Hinges may come loose, door handles might get stuck, keys might snap inside the lock. We can easily (excuse the pun) handle all these.

  1. Patio doors can become stuck and track needs to be replaced

  2. French door hinges come loose and need to be replaced

  3. Key broken inside composite door lock and needs extraction

  4. Wooden door frame swelling in the heat and cracking

  5. Glass replaced in uPVC door panel and installed

Common Commercial Door Problems

If you are a business owner, store manager or an employee at a hospital or airport we have heard from all of you at some stage.

The range of commercial door issues is endless. This is because of the sheer range of commercial and industrial door systems that are available.

We have repaired doors in Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Retail Units, Offices, Airports, Government Buildings and Industrial Access Control Systems.

  1. Automatic Sliding Door sensor not working and needs repaired

  2. Access Control Systems swipe cards not reading that need replaced

  3. Fire Doors replaced in Schools and up to the safety standard

  4. Hospital access control door repaired

  5. Hotel guest rooms locks upgraded to standard

Ok, Where to get started with repairing my door?

To request a door engineer to repair or install your door, call (647) 955-5637 for a free quotation and a certified technician will be in touch with your quote swiftly.


  • Houses – Windows, Doors, Garages Emergency Boarding Up

  • Shopfront Boarding Up

  • Hotel Boarding Up

  • School Boarding Up

  • Pubs Boarding Up

  • Offices Boarding Up

  • Warehouses Boarding Up

  • Building Sites Boarding Up

Whatever the circumstances you must focus on securing your property to ensure no further problems can happen.

We are a trusted company and will arrive at your property in under 30 minutes to install a quality boarding-up job with or without access points.

We will board up your windows or door if required and carry out lock, glass and door repairs to ensure maximum security.


It is heavily advised that you do not leave your vacant commercial property unprotected if you wish to maintain your insurance cover.

To board up the doors and windows of a vacant property is often required to ensure no complication regarding opportunist squatters, arsonists, vandals and anybody else that poses a risk to your investments.

Get in touch now for a quick, easy over the phone quote!


With the advent of modern safety systems and door safety devices, the need for technically sound commercial door repair companies has increased noticeably. This is why many technology companies have started offering services in the market.

Besides, some old repair companies, who already have earned reputations in the market for offering good repairing services, provide this service.

Although they are very good at repairing doors, windows and gates, they are weak in managing and fixing various issues of modern door safety devices.

On the other hand, technology companies are good at managing modern safety devices and advanced security systems, but poor in repairing works.

This is why finding a company blending these two qualities in its works is always advisable.

Here, company selection becomes the most crucial part and toughest job for you.

You cannot do these well unless you follow some important tips. You just need to follow the tips before hiring one.


With the increasing incidents of burglaries at various business centers across Concord, businesses and corporate offices felt an increased pressure for installing secured and clever commercial doors at their offices and commercial buildings to ensure the safety of their premises and decrease the expense of keeping many gatekeepers at the main gates.

To meet this target perfectly, they installed many clever and advanced doors with automatic opener facilities and high-security alert systems.

These help businesses prevent unauthorized access after their working hours.

Commercial doors are different in sizes and types. A vast majority of them include modern locking systems and advanced security alerts.

This is why if these doors get damaged, you need to find a professional and experienced company that offers immediate yet professional door repairs.

You must find one who is aware of the modern devices and systems installed at your doors.

All our vans are fully stocked so we can carry out immediate 24/7 emergency door repairs anywhere in Concord 24hrs a day on (647) 955-5637


  • Shop Front Door Repair

    Glass Door Break-in Repair

  • Retail Door Repair

  • School & College Door Repair

  • Office Door Repair

  • Sports Door Repairs

  • Stadiums Door Repairs

  • Shopping Center Doors

  • Garage Door Repairs

  • Factory Door Repairs


If your fire exit doors do not work properly or get damaged for any reason, you should get it repaired by a professional company having expertise and years of experience in repairing fire exit doors.

Finding one who has technical knowledge about the modern alarm systems and other safety measures required to prepare these is always advisable.

This is why you should be very careful while hiring a company for fire exit door repairs.

A professional company must abide by all codes of practice while doing the work.

Door frame repair

It must keep a close look at the following things mentioned below:

  • Gap and lock adjustment

  • Silencer replacement

  • Smoke seal installation

  • Hinge adjustment

  • Alarm adjustment

  • Strikes for panics and lock sets

Apart from these, a professional company must assess the door before starting work.

It will check everything in detail and provide you with necessary information about the required things and cost to complete the work.

Checking with many companies and getting quotations from them can help you make a better decision.

Don’t forget to ask about the warranty on the work done by your selected company.

Our trusted door repair services in Concord are second to none and we’ll sort out the matter quickly, providing you with the reliable door repairs you seek. Even if you’re looking for someone trusted to replace a single door handle, or you need new doors installed in your entire property, talk to us at Concord Emergency Door Repair. Our team of door engineers are speedy and efficient. Speak with Concord Emergency Door Repair today to figure out your options. Get a Free Quote! (647) 955-5637