Etobicoke Wood Door Repair

Etobicoke Wood Door Repair

We Guarantee Our Work! 22 Years In Business for Door Restoration, Refinishing, and Repair Services

Etobicoke Wood Door Repair brings over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial wood door repair services and replacement for customers in Etobicoke and the surrounding GTA. Our highly-trained, expert wood door repair specialists are trained to repair or replace any type of residential wood door, commercial wood door even your dog door! Our Services include exterior or interior doors, Our rebuild service for your wood door will get it working like new, guaranteed! Excellent warranties with all our work.

Etobicoke Wood Door Repair can handle all types of wood door installation and repairs jobs, no matter what size. Whether you need wood door repairs or new wood door installations, we make sure every job is done with care and expertise, and completed on, time, and on budget. Our door services also include special work such as custom designed doors and odd sized doors to fit unusual spaces, or to give your home or business a unique appearance. Call Etobicoke Wood Door Repair today for a free consultation and speak with one of our experts about your wood door repair needs. (647) 955-5637

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Etobicoke Wood Door Repair professionals are a group of expert wood door technicians who can help you make the best choice for your wooden garage doors. Our experts can repair, install, and even replace all materials and types of wood doors. Even if you need help selecting the best material for your wood door, our professionals can guide you according to your budget and preferences.

Remember — we service both residential and commercial garage doors and have just as much expertise and commitment to quality service for both, so be sure to call us whether you’re having wood door repair issues for your home or business.

We’ve Got a Fix For Your Wood Door!

  • NEW FLOOR? We can adjust your existing door to add extra bottom clearance.

  • DOOR STICKS? We will get it swinging again!

  • UPGRADE YOUR LOCKS! We can replace your single or double-cylinder lock and in most cases, have it re-keyed to your existing one.

  • HARDWARE LOST ITS LUSTER? Replace with state-of-the-art handle sets featuring a variety of lifetime finishes.

  • WATER PENETRATION? We can replace old threshold and weather-stripping for watertight results.

  • JAMB & FRAME REPAIRS? We will replace or repair your damaged frames. Complete jambs are also available for existing or new openings, and can be replaced when installing your beautiful new hardwood door!

  • REFINISH: Let us restore the original beauty of your hardwood door.

Restore a Beautiful Finish to Your Wood Door

Exterior Door Frame Repair Etobicoke

Refinish and Restoration Services

We offer reliable and long-lasting door restoration services including door staining, door refinishing, and door refurbishing. Our professional team is skillful in wood door refurbishing and wood door staining services. We are constantly training our technicians to be proficient in the door restoration services, so they are up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques so you receive the utmost excellence in wood door restoration. In addition, we are a trusted brand for wood door sanding and finishing as well and hold competency in providing an exceptional finesse, worth your investment with us.

Bring back the beauty of your doors! Etobicoke Wood Door Repair can make your dull, weathered doors look new again. In addition we can provide replacement hardware, weather-strip and glass repairs.

Etobicoke Wood Door Repair uses only the finest available materials and craftsmanship to deliver the highest possible quality on every job. Our refinishing process brings your entry door back to life!

Our Step-by-Step Process – Wooden Doors Repair and Restoration Services

  • Step 1 We carefully remove the door from hinges and replace it with a temporary non-operating door. The door is brought back to our shop where we then mask any glass and unaffected door edges.

    Door Replacement Etobicoke

  • Step 2 Your old finish is stripped away using a commercial stripper and a good bit of elbow grease. After cleaning this away, we begin sanding the wood to remove the old stain. We hand detail all the moldings, edges, and corners. Any cracks and separations are filled. A stain and sealer is then applied. After the stain and sealer has dried, the first coat of finish is brushed on by hand.

  • Step 3 The door is sanded with a fine grit sandpaper, wiped clean and the next coat of finish is applied.

  • Step 4 After the final coat is dry, the door is lightly sanded, polished, and readied for re-installation.

We are wood door experts, we know everything there is to know about wood door repairs!

WE’RE HERE FOR YOU 24/7 (647) 955-5637

When you need your wood doors repaired, you can count on Etobicoke Wood Door Repair. We have decades of experience and have worked with some of the biggest commercial and residential entities in the area. We are proud to serve Etobicoke as well as the surrounding areas of the GTA.

Call us for wood door repairs that you can count on. However, if your door is beyond repair, we can also provide wood door installation as well. When it comes to wood doors are number one and we’re here for you! (647) 955-5637

Door Repairs Etobicoke

Doors like anything else wear with time usage and weather. Often all that is needed is some repair of moving parts and components of otherwise perfectly fine doors. Even if it may not be mechanically functioning correctly such as stuck, rubbing, or hitting the frame, the problem may not necessarily be the door or frame itself but of worn hinges, pivots, etc.Door Replacement Etobicoke

The closer may be leaking or the panic device may be past its cycle usage. Let us take a look and see what the culprit is and we’ll give you the most cost effective way of repairing your wood door. Rather than chucking the whole thing and starting over, this can get really pricey and really quick. Etobicoke Wood Door Repair with new wood door hardware can bring those old doors back to new life and save some bucks in your pocket.

If your door has lost some functionality, don’t stress. You may have a part or component that can individually be replaced, saving you some money on a replacement. Our skilled specialists will make sure to properly assess your door and offer the best, long term and cost effective solution.

Please feel free to contact Etobicoke Wood Door Repair at (647) 955-5637 to install, repair, and replace wood doors in Etobicoke.