Exterior Door Frame Repair Oakville

Exterior Door Frame Repair Oakville

Doors Repair Near Me offers installation, repair, maintenance and emergency services for all your commercial and industrial doors in Oakville

Exterior Door Frame Repair Oakville, As you probably know, snow and cold weather can have a big impact on the things we use every day. From sliding patio doors, to automatic storefront doors, weather takes its toll on their frames. Not only that, but not having doors properly sealed means higher electric bills due to excess heating needed to keep warm. But Exterior Door Frame Repair Oakville can help.

For well over 20 years, Exterior Door Frame Repair Oakville has provided high quality exterior door frame repair services to homes and businesses in Oakville and surrounding areas. Whether you need a traditional door frame installed, an automatic door frame fixed, or almost any type of door frame repaired, we can help to solve your problems. Call us now to book your free consultation and estimate (647) 955-5637

Exterior Door Frame Repair Oakville is the unquestionable leader for exterior door frame related repairs in Oakville.


External door frame repairs commonly include internal/external hardware replacement and weather-stripping. Our door frame work might even include putty reglazing if desired. Door repairs could be as minor as replacing bent hinges or worn sweeps. Sometimes as major as an out of control vehicle crash that has damaged an entire entry.

Whether it is a smaller repair or a full rehab that is needed we are your premiere partner for field repair and beyond.

Commercial Storefront Frames • Commercial Door Frames • Automatic Entrances

Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum Door Frames • Patio Door Frames ..and more.


Dorglass is able to provide more in-shop repair services than a local hardware store or any of our competitors.

Window repairs may be as minor as a small basement storm insert or as major as a full patio door glass panel needing replacement. Our on-site screen repair and new screen department can accommodate most common sizes and colors.

With our extensive network of manufacturing partners, we also can provide almost any part you require for an exterior door frame repair.


Exterior Door Frame Repair

The Basic Parts of a Door

Depending on what type of door frame you’re looking at, there are different elements that make up the construction of the door and its surrounding frame and trim. And if the door has glass (referred to as glazing) in it or next to it (called a side light) or above it (called a transom), there are even more parts.

  • The basic door itself (called, of course, ‘the door’)

  • The frame and trim around the door consists of two sections: the jamb and the casing.

  • The sill is the horizontal portion on the floor that the door closes against.

  • The door shown in this graphic has a sidelight; the area where the door frame and the sidelight frame meet is called the mullion. Mullion is a term for the jointure of any door/window or window/window combination.

There are, of course, other parts to a door, depending on the options you choose. Basic doors include the hinges, knob or lever, and locking mechanism, called the lockset. You may also have grilles, divided light bars or muntins, and more.

Beautiful, long-lasting Exterior door frames

We offer a variety of styles and materials to choose from:

  • Vinyl door frames Oakville Door Repair

  • Aluminum door frames

  • Fiberglass door frames

  • Wood door frames

  • Steel door frames

  • Entry & front door frames

  • Patio door frames

  • Sliding door frames

  • French door frames

  • Storm door frames

Why is there rust at the bottom of many steel doors and doorframes?

Oakville winters constantly expose doors and frames to snow, ice and salt — creating a highly corrosive environment.

Is there any way to combat rust?

Exterior Door Frame Repair Oakville uses galvanized steel doors and frames fabricated from carbon steel sheets that have been coated with zinc on two sides with a continuous hot-dip process. Rust inhibiting primer is then applied. Once installed, appropriate coatings can also help prevent and mediate rust problems on doors.

What is hollow metal?

“Hollow metal” is an architectural term for steel doors and frames. Steel doors and frames (hollow metal) are manufactured using steel sheets that are bent to create a hollow metal shell which is then reinforced and filled with insulation. These are most commonly used on the exteriors of a commercial building where fire ratings are a concern. Steel doors are relatively inexpensive and can provide ratings up to 3 hours.

What is a welded steel door frame?

A welded steel (or hollow metal) doorframe can be used for both interior and exterior applications. The frame consists of vertical jambs and a head. These 3 pieces are welded together at the corners to create a one-piece frame. Welded frames are assembled at our facility. Jambs are squared to the head, face and rabbet joints are welded, and all exposed weld marks are ground smooth.

Why are some door frames filled with grout or mortar?

During the construction of a block (CMU) wall, some contractors fill the internal cavity of a steel door frame with grout or mortar. It’s intended to provide sound deadening to the doorframe —but it’s typically not necessary and we don’t recommend it. Excess water from the grout filling process often causes steel frames to rust prematurely.

Will my new door frame be filled with grout or mortar?

No. In applications where a grout-filled frame has been removed, we fill the replacement frame cavity with fiberglass insulation. Exterior Door Frame Repair Oakville will not grout fill door frames.

What is a knock-down frame?

Knock-down frames are not assembled and welded prior to delivery. They are sent as separate jamb and headpieces for assembly in the field by the installers.

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