Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora

Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora

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Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora has been a family owned and operated business with a rich history of specializing in fire exit door repairs since 1997.

We take great pride in providing the best possible solution for your business and always ensure the safety of your customers, your staff and the general public. Our company-wide commitment to safety involves being an active member of various Safety Compliance organizations as well as having regularly held mandatory meetings that cover current safety precautions.

We make your experience working with Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora as easy as possible. Our door technicians provide high quality craftsmanship thanks to the extensive training in fire exit door repairs. Each fire door repair technician in Aurora is trained, certified and experienced with all types of fire exit doors and fire exit door products. This extensive and hands-on training allows us to provide the best practices in the industry to efficiently take care of your door repair needs.

Our extensive Quality Assurance Checklist is done on every door repair we work on to ensure safety, security and proper operation of all moving parts. We take a proactive approach to help identify any deficiencies to help prevent the fire exit door from malfunctioning which can cause more serious repairs and costs.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your employees, customers, and visitors to your property safe at all times. A major component of ensuring the safety of everyone in your building is remaining compliant with all fire and safety regulations, which includes proper maintenance of any emergency exits. Because a fire exit door, as an emergency exit, is likely used only rarely, it can be easy to take it for granted. However, as life-saving tools, it’s vital to keep any fire exit doors on your property in good working order.

Why Are Fire Exit Doors So Important?

  • They enable quick escapes in case of emergencies because they offer employees and guests additional avenues to get out of the building.

  • They can be used even when other exits are blocked. Keep your fire exit doors free from furniture, merchandise, and other items at all times to keep them accessible.

  • They are designed to resist flames, helping to prevent the spread of fire.

Panic Device Repair

Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora a fully licensed, bonded and insured commercial locksmith and door repair company, we specialize in panic devices and other push entry bars or systems. We repair and replace alarmed exit doors, exit doors, fire and safety code compliant hardware, and automatic re-locking devices.

Keep your business’s doors open

Keeping customers and staff safe is more than good business practice. It is your legal and moral responsibility! Failing a health or fire inspection is not going to help you get ahead. Fighting a lawsuit after an injury or death is not going to help either. The people who come under your roof are trusting you to take care of them. You can start by ensuring that your doors are working as they should.

Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora offers commercial building fire exit door repairs to businesses in Aurora. We can fix your doors while you focus on company objectives. We want to foster growth in the Aurora business community. Providing the best service we can is one way of doing that. As fellow entrepreneurs and city residents, we want your business to succeed. Let’s not let some broken hardware get it the way!

Get peace of mind in times of emergency

Will the panic hardware come through when it is needed? How about the fire exit hardware? What a disaster it would be if they fail during a crisis. It is critical to have your doors working correctly. You should not have to worry about such things. We can repair or replace your fire rated doors and exit doors, giving you peace of mind.

Hinges, locks and knobs will all wear out with use. Even if a door sees little action, it can still deteriorate. Don’t wait until something gets damaged and you need our fire exit door repair service. You can make us part of your planned maintenance program. Give us a call if you need help figuring out what would be appropriate for your business.

From minor repairs to full replacement of your existing door, Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora has the experience to make sure we find a solution to fit your needs and budget. 647-955-5637

Types of fire exit door repair We Repair

  • Fire‑Tite Fire Doors

  • Fire‑Tite IMB Doors

  • Auto Fire‑Tite Doors

  • Auto Fire‑Tite IMB Doors

  • Fire‑Storm Wind‑Proof Fire Doors

  • Fire‑Storm IMB Doors

  • Auto Fire‑Storm Doors

Smoke‑proof fire doors

  • Smoke Fire‑Tite Fire Doors

  • Smoke Fire‑Tite IMB Doors

  • Auto Smoke Fire‑Tite Doors

  • Auto Smoke Fire‑Tite IMB Doors

  • Smoke Fire‑Storm Wind‑Proof Fire Doors

  • Smoke Fire‑Storm IMB Doors

  • Auto Smoke Fire‑Storm Doors

  • Auto Smoke Fire‑Storm IMB Doors

Don’t Take Risks with Protection from Fire

You already know that the safety of your property and the people inside are extremely important. That’s why Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora provides the highest quality of fire exit door repair and installation services across the GTA and surrounding areas, with 24 hour availability. Our trained technicians can correctly fix or add fire doors to ensure that visitors and employees can exit safely during an emergency, while limiting the spread of both smoke and fire.

Why Choose Fire Exit Door Repair Aurora for Your Fire Door Repair Needs?

  • Quality installation means safe exiting in case of a fire

  • Correct use of fire doors means prevention of the spread of fire

  • Fire exit doors can also be used as regular exits

  • Protect your building, visitors and employees from smoke

Fire rated doors have to meet high standards. So not only will your building be up to code, but you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a safer work environment. Best of all, our management team offers you more than 30 years experience in door repair. So you can get the peace of mind that you deserve.

Don’t Take Safety Risks! Call us Now.

You already know that you can’t afford to take chances when it comes to protecting your building, and the people in it. So call 647-955-5637 now for a free quote on our fire exit door repair and installation services.