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With the frequent opening and closing of our garage doors, it is common that it will get off track in the long run. Whenever that happens, instead of getting frustrated, we should be ready to do the fix.

Why a Garage Door Gets Off Track

The following are possible reasons why a garage door gets derailed.

1. Bad Rollers

Rollers are prone to wear and tear. As time passes, instead of providing ease in the rolling up and down of the garage door, they can become worn out and cause the problem of getting the door of the tracks.

2. Damaged Doors

When the door is damaged, there can be misalignments that will cause the door to go off track.

3. Broken Spring

A broken spring will cause uneven lifting of the heavy door. This will add unnecessary tension to the remaining working spring and will create an imbalance in the carrying of the door’s weight. With this, the door may get off track.

4. Loose Hardware

The frequent rolling up and down of the garage door will cause loosening of bolts and screws. This could put stress on other parts of the garage door system and could lead the door to going off track.

5. Obstructed Track

When one or both tracks are obstructed and the door is forced to close or open, it will also force the door to go off track. Being able to determine the cause of the problem will help us with an easier fix.

Tracks are one of the most important garage door parts. It helps in opening and closing by offering a lane for the roller to move on to. Off-track issues are very stressful. Not only does it delay operation but also provide inconvenience. Misaligned or problematic tracks need immediate repair or replacement. Overlooking the issue can cause serious damages and worsen the situation. At Garage Door Off The Tracks Brampton, we focus on solving the problem. We commit to do the job well and offer a commending service. If you live in Brampton, then our garage door repair services are yours to enjoy. Remember to call our team during your garage door troubles.

Reasons Why the Tracks get Misaligned

An overhead door with misaligned tracks imposes great danger. Doors can fall-off anytime and might cause possible risks to property and human life. Any issues on the tracks can compromise your security. Your garages will be vulnerable to burglars and thieves alike. Moreover, it disrupts the function and delays transactions. In short, track issues can cause accidents.

Here are some reason why the track get misaligned:

  • Binding issues cause the door to move slowly.

  • Existence of gaps and dents on the top and side tracks.

  • Doors kept on rubbing on the moldings.

  • Crooked, damaged or misaligned garage door.

Fixing track problems are easy if dealt properly. Seeking professional care might be the most ideal step you can make.

Call Garage Door Off The Tracks Brampton whenever you have a track issue.

Common Track Issues and Repair Tips

Overtime, garage doors, especially the tracks, will fail to function right. Because of certain factors, the severity of damages will be unimaginable. Of course, it is best to leave the job to our professionals to fix. Never try to do the repair yourself, you might cause serious damages to the other parts. For years in the field of repair, we have determined the common causes of the issue.

Here are some repair tips to follow: Garage Door service

Binding Troubles

A defected garage door will cause problems during closing and opening of doors. Moreover, a bound door can cause the door not to move for a long time. Garage doors need to have a few amounts of binding. Excessive binding might cause serious damage and might break your garages. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw. Also, check the condition of the bolts, nuts and screws. Tap the bottom of the door using a rubber mallet. Adjust the tracks to correct the alignment. Use a level to check if the alignment is right.

Worn-out Track

Choosing the right track materials is vital for longevity reasons. Whether it is metal, plastic and wood, it is subject to damages like decaying and denting. Repairing and repairing worn-out tracks is very dangerous. It is best to leave the job for experts to do. Call Garage Door Off The Tracks Brampton whenever you have track issues. We check other parts like springs, cables and rollers. We inspect, we fix and we ensure a perfect job.

Gapping and Rubbing Troubles

There are various reasons why garage doors suffer from molding issues. Moreover, rubbing troubles can cause serious damage to the door. Separate the bolts from the track, especially ones from the bottom track. Use a good working wrench to remove the bolts. Ensure a ¼ inch gap between tracks to let it breathe. Check its condition by moving it left and right along the ¼ inch gap. Repeat the process to fix the other track. Make sure to tighten the screws and bolts back. Secure and place everything back to its original location. If you find it hard to do, remember to call our team and we will deal with it right away. We have garage door off-track services that are ideal to your needs.

Crooked and Damaged Tracks

A crooked and damaged track is very dangerous. It can cause serious damages to property and human life. It is best to deal with it earlier than regret it later. Check the condition of all garage door parts. Check the springs, cables, rollers and tracks. Any signs of track issues need immediate attention. Damaged tracks need immediate action. Lubricate the moving parts to avoid further troubles. Also, have it checked from time to time to avoid more damages. Never try to do the repair yourself.

Call Garage Door Off The Tracks Brampton whenever you encounter such trouble.

Garage Door Off The Tracks Brampton for Off-Track Troubles

Now, you know about the common issues and repair tips. If things get worse, call Garage Door Off The Tracks Brampton and we will fix the trouble for you. Track issues are sometimes easy to fix. Yet, there are track troubles that need professional care. It is best to leave the dangerous job for us to check. Stop wasting your time and effort by doing the repair yourself.

Never attempt to fix the issue without ample knowledge about it. Garage door repair and replacement services are something you can enjoy.

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