Patio Door Repair Whitby

Patio Door Repair Whitby

We are a professional Sliding Door Installation and Repair company.

Patio Door Repair Whitby, we provide repair services for patio, terrace, sliding and swing doors. We can also install entry and storm doors to ensure your home remains safe and beautiful.

No matter the type of entrance you require, our team of door technicians is ready to supply you with prompt and efficient service. Whether you need a patio door replacement or a new set of swing doors, we’re ready to provide a durable and long-lasting solution..

Homeowners in Whitby experience a variety of natural elements. From freezing temperatures to high winds, having sturdy and energy-efficient doors is critical. Our patio door repair services can help you sustain a safe and comfortable home. Additionally, our french door repair services will maintain your home’s elegance and aesthetic value.

For top-notch patio door repair services, contact the Patio Door Repair Whitby team at 647-955-5637. Our team is ready to assist you with the home improvement solution you need.

Here in Whitby our weather often reaches the extremes and your door stands against all of it. Bitter cold, oppressive heat, rain, snow, and ice, knocking at your door all year around. These extreme weather conditions all contribute to your door losing its ability to keep out the cold or heat.

The Canadian Centre for Energy Information (CCEI) says most homes in our country are wasting energy. If your door is drafty and leaky it’s like leaving it open all the time; just imagine your hard earned money being sucked out. It may be time for you to consider a patio door repair if this describes the condition of your home’s doors.

Our Experience & Selection

If you live in the Whitby area and are thinking about replacing your home’s exterior doors, we have the experience and selection available to help you make the statement you want to make. Patio Door Repair Whitby repairs all types of doors, both interior and exterior:

  • Hinged Patio Doors

  • Sliding Patio Doors

  • Bi-fold Patio Doors

  • Front & Rear Entry Doors

  • Hinged Doors

Our Process

There are a number of door styles and materials (steel, wood, fiberglass) to choose from, so when you contact us about repairing the patio doors of your home we have a process for finding just the right style or material of doors for your home.

Important reasons why you should choose Patio Door Repair Whitby:

  • Punctuality – We will arrive on time as agreed and keep you informed via phone of any unforeseen delays.

  • Experience – Technicians with over 22 years industry experience in the manufacture, installation and trouble-shooting of patio doors.

  • Discounts – Discounts are available for multiple doors at one site.

  • No hidden surprises or charges – Any additional work required will be discussed after a site inspection and quoted for before work begins.

  • Professional and Efficient – Timely delivery with no call out fee. A thorough cleanup of the work area is done before the job is completed. Fully insured for public liability.

Sliding Door Glass Repair/ Patio Door Roller Replacement

Is the glass on your sliding patio door broken? Call us today for a repair estimate!

Have you had a break-in or did the lawn mower kick up a rock and break the glass in your patio door? If you can provide an approximate size of the door, we can offer you an estimate over the phone. We work on both single pane and dual pane patio doors of all sizes and depending on the type and size of the door we can sometimes even replace the glass in the same day. Call us today to get a phone estimate or to schedule an appointment for glass replacement

Is your door difficult to open? Does it feel like it weighs a ton?

You don’t need to replace the patio sliding door, just replace the rollers!

When a sliding glass patio door is difficult to open and it is not working properly it can feel like it weighs a ton. Adding to the hassle of trying to close the door, the door can then become a safety hazard and an energy efficiency problem.

A sliding patio door can be difficult to open for a number of reasons:

  • The sliding door rollers are worn due to age, rust, or excess moisture

  • Worn down track

  • Build-up of pet hair and dirt on the rollers or track

  • The lock sticks

We specialize in Sliding Glass Door Repair and Replacement, including Glass Panels, Sliding Door Track & Roller Repair or Replacement.

Patio Door Repair

When these things occur, contact Patio Door Repair Whitby and we will come and replace the rollers on your sliding patio door. You don’t need to replace the door… just the rollers!

Patio Door Repair Whitby also provides track replacement for worn out sliding door tracks.

Is the lock on your patio door broken or jammed? Did the handle break off after years of frequent use? We stock many of these replacement parts and specialize in these types of repairs. Call us today to schedule an appointment for repair!

Sliding patio doors see a lot of use, and it isn’t uncommon for the lock to occasionally jam or break, requiring repair or replacement. If the lock on your patio door does not work properly, this can create a security risk. We stock many different types of patio door locks and handles that are commonly found within our service area and have the ability to order hundreds more. Call Patio Door Repair Whitby today to schedule an appointment to fix your patio door lock or handle so that you can sleep well at night knowing that your home is secure.

Our Promise To You

  • To honour the price agreed to in every contract

  • To be accessible at all times during and after the repair and/or installation process

  • To send only trained and certified professionals to your home or business

  • To do our very best to become part of your solution team

  • To source your requirements if we don’t have what you’re looking for

  • To have service technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • To provide a positive and professional customer experience with bondable, reliable and honest employees

Patio Door Repair Whitby is a Whitby based company that provides service and maintenance to a variety of doors, windows and screen products in the metropolitan area. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with the right products at the right price with a large amount of our projects completed originating from either repeat or referred clients.

We specialize in working with clients that are homeowners, property managers, residential and commercial builders, security providers and many more. If it is just a one off work request or regular services, Patio Door Repair Whitby has the experience and knowledge to get the job done.

So give us a call and one of our professionally trained staff will be happy to assist you on the patio door repairs best suited for your home or business. 647-955-5637