Pivot Door Repair Dundas

Pivot Door Repair Dundas


Pivot Door Repair Dundas has been regarded as one of the best pivot door repair and installation companies in Dundas and surrounding areas.

A door is one of the most important features of a home or business, and we believe it’s important that your door fits perfectly. That means sealing in cool air in the summer, shutting out cold in the winter and offering you protection in the event of an emergency year-round. Contact us for commercial or residential pivot door repair service. 647-955-5637

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  • Available seven days a week for your convenience.

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  • We carry a vast inventory of doors to choose from and offer full service on any type of interior, exterior, front or back pivot door in Dundas.

  • Providing superior door service for over 13 years.

We can install, repair or replace many types of pivot doors!

What is a Pivot Door?

Initially patented in the 1970s, pivot doors function differently than regular hinge doors, and therefore create an entirely different look and feel. You see, pivot doors don’t actually have hinges — the door actually rests on a specific pivot point that can be located in many places along the top and bottom of the door, but is never on the very edge of the door in the same way that a hinge is.

The pivot point can be determined by aesthetic goals (such as in the middle of the middle of the door), or by the weight of the door. Because there is no hinge at the very edge, the balance of the door must be calculated precisely in order for the door to function properly. Unless the pivot point is decidedly in the middle, the pivot point is typically somewhere between 25 and 35% of the way in from the door frame. As you might expect, pivot doors fall on the modern or contemporary end of the design spectrum than anywhere else. The fact that they don’t open in the “traditional” way usually does cross them off the list for more… well, traditionally designed luxury homes.

Why Pivot Doors are Better than Hinge Doors

Decidedly, this is a matter of opinion. Pivot doors aren’t “better” than regular hinge doors — it’s simply a matter of personal style and aesthetic, perspective, and what you’re hoping to achieve with the opening, whether it be a front door, a garage fire door, or a bedroom security door. There are different factors involved, but here are some things to consider when choosing between a hinge door and a pivot door.

How Big is the Opening?

One of the best things about pivot doors is that they aren’t really restricted in size. It’s true that if you need the door to be hurricane certified there are some restrictions (because there are other factors in play), but one of the major benefits of pivot doors is that they aren’t held back by the hinge itself. Hinge doors are entirely dependent upon the weight the hinges can hold. In our case, we’re using steel hinges because they’re stronger, which is important for two reasons:

  1. A steel hinge will keep you safer in the event of an intruder because it’s more difficult to damage.

  2. Steel is a stronger metal and can support the weight of the steel security door on the hinge.

However, the distribution of weight is also a factor. Generally speaking, you can make large (oversized) hinge doors, but in order to get a wider opening, you’ll also need to create a taller opening. The typical ratio is that the door must be about twice as tall as it is wide, which is why a hinge door is often about 7 feet tall by 3 feet wide. Obviously, a double door will double the possible width of the opening. Double doors are frequently used for master bedrooms, but the height becomes an issue at some point because you’re limited by the ceiling.

Our many years of experience allow us to easily know the needs of each and every one of our clients. We can assist in helping you choose the perfect window or door plan to fit your personal and home needs. We will provide your home with green energy to help you save money.


There are many pivot door repair services in the market. Consider choosing a pivot door repair company that is knowledgeable, accessible, and trustworthy.

Pivot Door Repair Dundas OFFERS:

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  • Manufacturer Warranties

  • For the utmost in comfort and energy efficiency, Pivot Door Repair Dundas recommends doors and components to what is needed for your repair. Pivot Door Repair Dundas works with you to decide the right brand, material, and design that are Energy Star qualified.

Door Repair Dundas

We’ve been installing and repairing pivot doors in Dundas and the surrounding area for more than 22 years. Established in 2000, Dundas Door Repair is locally owned and operated. We’ve helped countless homes and businesses in the Dundas area with their door repair needs and would love to help you next!

Need help installing or repairing a pivot door? We’re the company you’ve been looking for. We care about the Dundas community, sharing our passion and years of professional experience on each and every job.

Locally owned and operated since 2000, Pivot Door Repair Dundas caters to large and small businesses, locally owned businesses and residential customers alike. We care about the Dundas community, sharing our passion and years of professional experience on each and every pivot door repair project. Have questions? Ready to get started? FREE estimates are available. Call 647-955-5637 today to learn why we are the ultimate source for pivot door repairs in Dundas and surrounding areas! We look forward to working with you.