Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford

Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford

Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford is your premier solution in the Bradford area for repairs of storefront entry doors, including automatic sliding doors, automatic swing doors and revolving doors, as well as maintenance and service of new and existing automatic entry systems, including automatic sliding doors, manual ICU and CCU sliding doors, automatic swing doors, low energy swing door operators, full energy swing door operators, in-ground automatic door operators, revolving doors, manual doors and pass-thru and drive-thru window systems.

Storefront Door Repair Bradford can provide complete repair and preventative maintenance for commercial and industrial automatic door applications. We pride ourselves on our expert installations, experienced repair team and outstanding “after sales” customer and warranty service, making us the premier storefront entry door repair service provider in the Bradford market. Storefront Door Repair Bradford covers Bradford and all surrounding GTA areas, for all of your storefront entry door repair needs.

Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford service professionals are factory trained and certified, and are skilled in all phases of installation and repair service. We offer installation and repair on nearly every brand of storefront entrance systems on the market today.

No matter what your application, Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford will provide you with the necessary information and workforce required to get the job done right the first time around, every time! Call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate or consultation 647-955-5637

Established in 1995, Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford has grown from a small family-owned and operated business into becoming the largest Bradford owned and operated door service provider in the province.

Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford is a progressive and growing organization with a long and stable track record. Company growth is a long-term trend since our inception and has been achieved with high levels of customer satisfaction, which have led to organic growth. Striving to continuously improve every aspect of our business is one of the key fundamentals of this growth.

With key locations right across Bradford and surrounding areas, we support our many regional and national clients with our experienced team in the office and on the ground and have an ongoing commitment to be ‘positively the best storefront entry door repair company’ in Bradford.

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Storefront Entry Door Servicing and Repairs Across Bradford

Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford offers both planned and reactive maintenance services across the city so that you can rest assured that your commercial entry doors are operating smoothly and safely.

Reactive Maintenance

We know how important it is for your doors and gates to run smoothly, however we also know that not everything goes according to plan. When accidents happen and systems fail, our team will be ready to ensure the functionality of your doors to ensure they are operating again as quickly as possible.

We have a large team of fully trained and certified technicians across Southern Ontario with specialized experience in all entry doors and gates.

Planned Door Maintenance (Planned Preventative Maintenance)

We offer all our clients a maintenance contract that ensures full compliance with the Canadian Government’s standards for Door Safety.

Planned maintenance is an important part of every facility to ensure the longevity of your asset and to ensure they are always safe and compliant in the event of an emergency.

Our scheduled maintenance agreements allow us to create a cohesive maintenance plan to best maximize your assets lifecycle.

Our scheduled maintenance contracts are designed to:

  • Keep your door maintenance costs fixed and predictable

  • Post-service reports will indicate any recommendations, allowing you to Capex plan

  • Keep your customers/tenants happy and safe with entrances that always operate as per design and code

  • Reduce the number of reactive callouts to your doors.

Commercial Door Services is your “One Stop Shop”

We understand that doors operating correctly is an important aspect of every building and allows for the safe entry and exit of staff and customers. Commercial Door Services strives on being a “One Stop Shop” for all of our clients.

Our technicians are specialized in all manner of doors and gates and work on many different makes and models including:

We have the greatest product depth, experience and knowledge in the industry, with more types of door repair service experience than any competitor including innovative technical solutions for niche industries.

Including but not limited to:

  • Swing Entry Doors Storefront Entry Door Repair

  • Folding Entry Doors

  • Sliding Entry Doors

  • Revolving Entry Doors

  • Industrial Entry Doors

  • Platform Screen Entry Doors

  • Commercial Kitchen Entry Doors

  • Hospitality Entry Doors

  • Security Entry Doors

  • Fire Entry Doors

  • Commercial Entry Door Hardware

  • Handicap Entry Door Opener Glass Door Break-in Repair

  • Hands-free Entry Door Opener

  • Commercial Entry Glass Doors

  • Commercial Entry Steel Doors

  • Commercial Entry Door Closer

  • Commercial Entry Metal Doors

  • Commercial Entry Door Opener

  • Commercial Entry Doors

  • Commercial Exterior Doors

  • Commercial Exit Doors

Choosing the right partner for your storefront door repair services is just as important as choosing the right automatic door manufacturer.

The team at Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford provides commercial door repair services for facility managers and business owners throughout Bradford. We service and repair all models of automated entrance systems from all automatic door manufacturers. We solve door problems for any type of door, from automatic sliding doors to revolving doors.

All our service technicians are certified and have many years experience and training in making sure you have the safest and most efficient commercial doors possible. Our technicians arrive fast, and their vans are stocked with spare parts for almost any necessary repair to your commercial and automatic doors. When called for a problem we diagnose the issue first, and with your approval fix it professionally and fast.

Call us for any issues with door operations, whether you need emergency assistance, regular commercial door maintenance, or automatic door installation. Our customer service will

Our service offering includes:

  • Door/opening integration with electric, fire and safety

  • Automatic door and drive-thru window Maintenance

  • Security and building management systems

  • Preventative maintenance service agreements

  • Emergency repair and service

And if you ever have an emergency? Don’t worry at Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford we have certified technicians available around the clock to provide you with 24 hour emergency service. We’ve always got you covered!

Our Services Include:  Door Repair Bradford

  • Commercial Roll-Up Door Repair

  • Commercial Overhead Door Repair

  • Commercial Hollow Metal Door Repair

  • Commercial Wood Door Repair

  • Commercial Glass Entrance Door Repair

  • Commercial Gate Repair

  • Commercial Grille Repair

  • Commercial Security Door Repair

  • Dock Equipment and Leveler Repair

  • Hangar Door Repair

  • Specialty Door Repair

  • Board Ups and Glass Replacement








Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford is a family owned business with over 22 years of experience in servicing, installing and repairing commercial storefront entry doors. We are a company that values customer service first and have earned a reputation as a trusted service provider in the commercial and industrial door industry. Our technicians are trained, efficient and experienced and can service and repair any door with quality workmanship in a short amount of time. Depend on Storefront Entry Door Repair Bradford for all of your door needs.

Contact our team for more information about how we can help you today! 647-955-5637