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Wood Door Repair Kleinburg

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Wood Door Repair Kleinburg, Customer experience and satisfaction has been the number one priority ever since Wood Door Repair Kleinburg opened its doors in 1990. Having worked in the door industry for many years, we’ve recognized a need for professional level expertise in local wood door repair services. Today, Wood Door Repair Kleinburg continues to enjoy rave reviews from repeat customers while impressing new ones every day due to our commitment to product quality and service. Serving Kleinburg and the surrounding GTA, call us today and see what wood door repair experience and professionalism looks like (647) 955-5637



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Customer experience and satisfaction is our number one priority

We Repairs all types of Wood Doors

Selecting the perfect kind of door can be difficult when there are many colors, materials, styles, and designs to choose from. The door in your commercial space or home can have a major impact on the overall appearance of your property and even its market value. Your doors contribute significantly to your home’s curb appeal, which is why you should be careful when considering installation of a new wood door. A wood door can give your home a timeless elegance in addition to strength and durability. Wood doors are popular all over the country and are available in several grain textures, styles, and colors. We at Wood Door Repair Kleinburg can fix any wood doors!

Wood doors are available in a variety of woods and natural shades. Some of the most popular wood used to make wood doors are:

Cedar Door repair Kleinburg

Cedar is a popular choice for people who prefer wooden garage doors. The wood is resistant to pests and humidity damage. The best quality of cedar wood is that it is a porous material which makes it difficult to crack or warp under pressure or heat. Moreover, cedar also provides ample insulation against the weather and sound. Cedarwood also allows you to easily change the color of the wood with staining or painting, as per your liking.


Like cedar wood, mahogany is resistant to weather and pest damage. It is a highly popular material for garage doors due to its lustrous finish and durability. The wood is also easy to work with and is naturally strong and rigid, which means that the wooden material would not warp, split, or get damaged easily. Mahogany has a deep red color tone loved by homeowners, but it can also be lightened by bleaching the wood.

Red Oak

Red oak wood is a weighty, hard, and shock-resistant material. It is highly popular among property owners for its easy acceptability of different colored wood stains.

White Oak

White oak wood is not just available in white color, but its color palette changes from white to light brown. Like red oak, white oak can is tough, heavy, durable, and easy acceptability to wood stains.


Redwood is one of the most expensive wooden materials for a door. This has many layers of wood to protect itself from the damage of warping from the weather elements. Redwood can be painted over or stained to change its color.

Alder Door installation

Alder is a type of wood that is not widely known in the market. It has a unique uniform color which helps to differ it from others. Alder wood gives a rustic appearance to a home, similar to a log cabin-style home.

Spanish Cedar

Spanish cedar wood is known for its unique scent loved by homeowners all over the country. Spanish cedar has a high resistance to rot and pests. It looks similar to mahogany but is more resilient to decay and damage.


Plywood is the most common type of door wood material. Plywood is the least expensive kind of wood door type. Plywood is commonly covered with a hardwood outer layer and requires some form of insulation to compensate for the thin wood.

Attractive Look

Wooden doors have a range of different textures, finishes, and designs. The luster and elegance of a wooden door cannot be compared to any other door material.


Wooden doors are highly functional and can fit your space with easy customization. They are also popular for door materials as they provide ample insulation against the heat and cold.


Wooden doors are resilient to damage and are long-lasting if maintained properly. Wooden doors are heavy and hard, making them difficult to crack, bend, or get damaged.

Eco-Friendly Material

Wood is an environmentally friendly material that can be easily broken down and recycled. It comes from an environmentally renewable resource that does not harm the planet if proper precautions are taken.


Wooden doors can be updated and renewed easily. They can last you for years to come if they are maintained, cleaned, and stained regularly.

Wood Door Repair Kleinburg – Kleinburg Residential and Commercial Wood Door Repair and Replacement Specialists guarantees top-quality service and workmanship! We are insured for your protection.

Our top wood door technicians offer industry expert repair services on the following:

  • Interior and Exterior Doors steel Door Replacement

  • All Types Doors and Frames

  • Wood Doors

  • Bedroom Doors

  • Back Doors

  • Entry and Front Doors

  • Framesaver Frames

  • Door Repair and Replacement

  • Weather-stripping

  • Residential and Commercial Door Locks

  • French Doors

  • Patio Doors

  • Patio Door Repairs and Replacement

  • Front & Back Doors Glass Door repair

  • Entry Doors

  • Bedroom Doors

  • Break-in Repairs

  • Custom Doors

  • Thresholds

  • Continuous Door Hinges

  • Weather Stripping

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We provide high-quality interior and exterior repairs on wood doors, cabinets, decks/patios and garage doors. We also provide services for weatherstripping, painting, repairs and installations on doors, hardware, cabinets, and thresholds.

The Wood Door Repair Kleinburg is committed to professionalism and your 100% satisfaction. When you hire us, be sure that we take pride in standing by our work with unmatched warranty service for a long lasting relationship.

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